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The Board under the Chairmanship of Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King was appointed by the Lagos State Governor, His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu on 11th September, 2019

Executive Chairman – Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King

Board Member          – Dr. Saheed l. Ibikunle

Board Member          – Dr. Hakeem B.Shittu

Board Member          – Hon. Shijuade Idowu-Tiamiyu

Board Member          – Hon. Adebayo Adefuye

Board Member          – Hon. Dayo Israel

Board Member          – Hon. Serifat Abiodun Adedoyin

Board Secretary         – Mrs. Foluso Kehinde Ajimoti



(1) Schools Support Services Department (HOD:- Mr. Ade Abatan/  08150865669)

Key Functions

  • Overseeing the implementation of the Basic Education curriculum in Primary and Junior Secondary  schools.
  • Recommending and distribution of textbooks and instructional materials to Primary And Junior Secondary Schools
  • Overseeing registration and transfer of pupils
  • Overseeing continuous assessment and examination processes in Primary and Junior Secondary Schools.
  • Coordination of vocational centres in LGEAs and Schools
  • Establishing ECCDE centres in schools, monitoring the implementation of the ECCD Curriculum and Training of child caregivers.
  • Monitoring Nomadic and migrant fisher-folks education
  • Ensuring integration and smooth operation of special needs schools
  • Overseeing guidance and counselling activities in schools and training of counselors/para-counsellors
  • Coordinating social work and implementation of the child rights law


  1. School Support Services – Primary

ii.       School Support Services – Junior Secondary School

iii       Vocational Centres Unit

iii.      ECCDE And Special Needs Services

(2) PLANNING, RESEARCH & STATISTICS Department (HOD:- Mr. Taiwo Disu/ 08150865664)

          Key Functions

  • Participation in the development of education sector plans and MTSS
  • Coordinating Budget preparation Strategic plans and annual departmental workplans for SUBEB and LGEAs.
  • Appraisal of Budget Performance of the Board
  • Conducting the Annual School Census for basic education in conjunction with SMoE
  • Coordinating data entry, cleaning and analysis, and publishing of reports
  • Carrying out research on Basic Education
  • Tracking and reporting the results from the implementation of strategic documents and annual plans and preparation of performance reports
  • Contributing to the annual education sector review process, based on the annual education sector performance report, and ensure that it leads to the identification of priorities for the preparation of the MTSS
  • Monitoring the performance and efficiency of the LGEAs
  • Processing procurements in line with approved Tender guidelines/procedures and keeping of records


  • Planning & Budget
  • EMIS & Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M& E)

(3)   PROJECTS Department (HOD:- Mr Koya Adenola/ 09053953347)

          Key Functions

  • Conceptualizing infrastructural requirements in Schools using the State and Board’s guidelines and policy of UBE
  • Assessment of buildings for rehabilitation or restructuring
  • Production of Electrical Engineering drawing for public primary & Junior Secondary Schools
  • Production of Mechanical Engineering drawings for public primary & Junior Secondary Schools
  • Conducting feasibility studies and collection of briefs to provide economic design for projects
  • Preparation of architectural Preliminary drawings and working Drawings
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Certification of completed projects
  • Conducting periodical market survey
  • Preparation of bills of quantities
  • Preparation of final accounts and preparation of payment certificates for contractors


  1. Civil/Structural Engineering Services
  2. Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Services
  3. Architectural Services
  4. Quantity Surveying Services

(4) SOCIAL MOBILIZATION Department (HOD:- Mrs. Adebodun Dosunmu/ 08150865672)

Key Functions

  • Working with LGEAs to carry out community mobilization, advocacy and sensitization activities
  • Supporting establishment and functioning of SBMCs
  • Designing initiatives to promote access, enrolment, attendance and completion of girls
  • Building community awareness on school health issues, including HIV and Aids
  • Educating communities on child rights law
  • Designing and implementing in partnership with the LGEAs a framework for inclusive education.
  • preparing strategies for donor support to basic education
  • managing relationships between SUBEB and donor agencies, philanthropists, development partners and community-based organisations
  • Supporting the LGEA and communities to implement self help projects
  • Implementing communication initiatives through diverse media
  • Managing SUBEB’s communication documents and resources


  1. Community Engagement
  2. Private Partnership Participation
  3. Community Communications

(5) SPECIAL DUTIES Department (HOD:- Mrs. Ibitola Obadofin/ 09053953345)

Key Functions

  • Carrying out quality assurance inspection of schools thrice weekly according to the consolidated evaluation schedule, to verify teaching and learning in schools
  • Carrying out external evaluation of schools
  • Coordinating the activities of quality assurance officers in all the LGEAs
  • Briefing the Head Teachers, SBMC and other stakeholders on the outcomes of school visits
  • Preparing reports of schools evaluations and submission to the Quality Assurance department at some
  • Accompanying UBEC during routine monitoring exercises to the LGEAs and Schools
  • Training Head Teachers on school self-Evaluation.

(6) HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT Department (HOD:- Mrs Taiye                Oguntona/ 08150865665)

Key Functions

  • Recruitment, deployment and transfers of staff (teaching and non-teaching)
  • Maintaining the nominal roll for staff in SUBEB and all the LGEAs
  • Developing the HRM &D Budget for inclusion in the main SUBEB budget
  • Handling leave matters and administering staff welfare
  • Establishing training needs and developing training plans for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Organising training programmes and liaising with training service providers
  • Coordinating submissions of names due for promotion from LGEAs
  • Coordinating confirmations and conversion of staff
  • Administration of the discipline process at SUBEB, LGEA and Schools
  • Maintenance of HRM&D records including Headquarters staff, LGEA and Schools
  • Issuing notifications for retirement and compiling required information and documentation
  • Forward completed documentation to pension commission


  1. HR Management
  2. HRM&D Development/Training
  3. Performance Management
  4. HRM&D Records
  5. Pensions

(7)   ADMINISTRATION Department (HOD:- Mrs Yejide Badejo/ 08150865662)

Key Functions

  • Coordinating and servicing SUBEB Board, Management and other meetings
  • Writing and preparation of minutes of meetings
  • Coordinating office maintenance services
  • Coordinating Transport services
  • Coordinating Cleaning services
  • Purchasing of office consumables and forwarding to the store for keeping
  • Receiving and registering all incoming mail
  • Registering and dispatch of all outgoing office mail
  • Identifying hardware, software and networking needs and specifications
  • Computer training for SUBEB staff
  • Maintenance of hardware, software and networks
  • Monitoring and supervision of computerization in LGEAs
  • Managing SUBEB Staff Clinic
  • Managing SUBEB Staff Canteen


  1. Board Secretariat
  2. Office Management
  3. Registry
  4. Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

(8) FINANCE & ACCOUNT Department (HOD:- Mrs. Deborah Ajayi/ 08150865668)

Key Functions

  • Collection of revenue accruing to the State Government via SUBEB
  • Preparation of revenue returns
  • Expenditure control
  • Maintenance of Vote Books
  • Keeping of adequate financial records
  • Reconciliation of accounts and preparation of bank reconciliation statements
  • Maintenance of cash-books of SUBEB
  • Preparation of Returns (remittance & expenditure)
  • Preparation of E-payment schedules
  • Disbursement of funds to LGEAs and Schools
  • Preparation of salary variations
  • Reconciliation of salary schedule with Nominal roll
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Preparation of Management Accounts monthly, quarterly
  • Maintenance of the SUBEB Asset Register
  • Preparation of final accounts biannually and annually
  • Store maintenance
  • Stock taking and stock verification (including LGEAs and Schools)


  1. Funds Unit
  2. UBEC/ETF Unit
  3. Central Pay Office
  4. Salaries/Variation Unit
  5. Stores

(9) CO-CURRICULAR Department (HOD:- Mrs Olubunmi Oteju/ 08150865674)

  • Working with the LGEAs to promote co-curricular activities in school, conduct of inter school subject and sports activities/competitions and the activities of uniform clubs and societies.
  • Coordinating school health and sanitation activities
  • Climate Change Programme and Planting trees.
  • Coordination of activities between the Board and NGOs
  • Coordination of Annual Merit Awards
  • Library Services in Schools.


Arts and Sciences


Guidance & Counselling



(1) PRESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS (HOU:- Mrs. Enitan Alaba Adewunmi)

Key Functions

  • Handling publicity for SUBEB initiatives using various media
  • Establishing and maintaining relations with the media
  • Coordinating press briefings and conferences
  • Handling SUBEB protocol requirements
  • Preparing and managing internal communications – newsletters, bulletin boards etc
  • Ensuring that the SUBEB Website is established and kept up-to-date, with ICTDepartment

 (2) LEGAL UNIT (HOU:- Mrs. Adetutu Adebayo)

Key Functions

  • Processing of all UBEC and ETF contract agreements
  • Formalizing and supervision the execution of all contract agreements
  • Rendering advisory services to the Board on legal issues
  • Attending to litigation matters involving the Board or its staff on official matters

(3) INTERNAL AUDIT (HOU:- Mr. Olufemi Ibilola/ 08150865678)

Key Functions

  • Audit of the Board revenue and LGEA revenue
  • Carrying out Prepayment audits
  • Reviewing the books of accounts of the Board
  • Auditing of the goods received
  • Updating fixed assets register and fixed asset inventory Cards of the Board and Resources Centres in the LGEAs
  • Conducting staff verification exercise
  • Annual stock taking of the Board and LGEAs
  • Valuation of the Board’s store
  • Conducting staff verification exercise of the Board and LGEAs
  • Auditing use of school premises and running cost utilization
  • Auditing the financial statements of the Board
  • Reviewing the books of accounts of the LGEAs, review of the running cost of the LGEAs

(4)   PROCUREMENT UNIT (HOU:- Dr. Bunmi Oladipo/ 08150865683)

Key Functions

  • Implements procurement policies and procedures for SUBEB in line with its overall objectives and strategies.
  • Prepares and updates annual SUBEB procurement plan
  • Ensures the aggregation and categorization of all procurement requests from all the departments/units in SUBEB so as to obtain economics of scale
  • Prepares bid documents, undertake the preliminary examination of bids for compliance, and organizes the public opening of bids
  • Conducting of monthly marketing